Instant Lawn and Lawn Care Get the perfect lawn all year round

We will inspect your yard to ensure we select the best variety of lawn to deliver consistently green grass all year round. Your soil, location, and sun exposure all affect the option that we will choose for your garden. Our service includes correct ground preparation, with the possibility of seed planting or laying turf, to ensure healthy, robust, dense green grass.

Our maintenance offering includes mowing, fertilising, and watering your lawn at the right time to prevent it from growing patchy and dehydrated. Give us a call, and we will use our expertise and experience to select the ideal lawn variety for your garden.

What we do?

Garden Design
Plants, placement, and perspective. The 3 P's of designing a beautiful garden that is functional and will flourish.
We construct durable, concrete driveways that complement your landscaping, build pathways, design entertaining areas, and more.
Retaining Walls
The team at Sarah's Garden specialise in building retaining walls and natural rockwork for residential, industrial, and commercial gardens.
Planning and installation of effective and efficient irrigation systems to ensure your investment thrives.

Need help designing the perfect space? Please Contact us 0414 014 049